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19th JULY, 2024

Technology has expanded access to education. In fact, today technology allows a 360 degree access to education from all angles. Both information as well as opportunities for formal learning are available online. Access to learning opportunities as well as acquisition of new skills or upskilling is unprecedented today in scope, thanks to technology.

Opportunities for communication and collaboration have also increased, thanks to technology. Today, technology enables different forms of communication and collaboration not availed earlier. Schools and universities across the country are beginning to redesign learning spaces to enable this new model of education, foster more interaction and small group work, and use technology as an enabler. Newer skills are being imparted too to make the trained students more ready for industry absorption.

To explore these multiple facets of leveraging technology across different levels of the education ecosystem, APAC News Networks plans to bring together academicians, policy makers, educators and technology experts together from Kolkata, West Bengal and other parts of Eastern and North-Eastern India under one roof to discuss both operational nuances and strategic implications of different technology facets. Universities and other institutions of higher education, skill development agencies will assemble in this 1 day program.


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