Tech-Driven Innovations Driving BFSI

How Banks & Financial Institutions are Leveraging Technology in the New Normal

18 November 2022     Mumbai


The BFSI sector is unarguably India's sunshine sector today. Even as the sector adapted to changing circumstances during the pandemic and still prospered, today banks, insurance, fintechs and NBFCs are scaling hitherto unprecedented heights based on a series of emerging technologies.

Customer-centric approaches, automation of processes and security concerns continue to be top of mind for the IT leaders from the BFSI sector.

APAC News Networkendeavours to encapsulate the adoption of these array of technologies in BFSI and also salute the pioneers who have been the flagbearers of these technologies in the domain.

After the resounding success of the 1st BFSI Finnovation Summit in February 2022 and 2nd BFSI Finnovation Summit in June, APAC News Network is happy to host the 3rd BFSI Finnovation Conclave in Mumbai on November 18th, 2022 to chronicle this techno-charged march of the BFSI sector.

The Summit will bring together 100+ technology decision makers from banks, insurance companies, NBFCs, exchanges and other financial services to discuss the dynamics of digitization in their organizations and define the best practices and future digital roadmaps.

Key Highlights:

Insurance Companies

Key Focus Areas

Cloud Computing
Omnichannel CRM & Customer Support
Mobile Enterprise Applications
Robotic Process Automation & Chatbots
Financial Compliance
Unified Communication
Data Centers

Key Discussion Points

Technology changing Financial Landscape of Banks
Digitization of Co-operative Banks
Business Automation & Reinventing Customer Engagement in Insurance
Digital Transformation of NBFCs
Cybersecurity Challenges in BFSI

Key Participants

Technology Decision Makers from Nationalized/PSU Banks
Technology Decision Makers from Private & Foreign Banks
Technology Decision Makers from Urban & Rural Co-operative Banks
Technology Decision Makers from Insurance Companies
Technology Decision Makers from NBFCs
Technology Decision Makers from Digital Financial Services
Technology Decision Makers from Exchanges
Policymakers on BFSI from GoI and States
Decision Makers from Financial Bodies and Agencies

Past Speakers

Sameer Verma, IAS

Amit Saxena

Suresh Shankaran

E Ratan Kumar

Naveen Chaluvadi

Avinash Shukla

Dhiraj Saxena

Pravin Sharma

KRC Murty

Dr Sourav Dutta

Murali Mohan Rao Manduva

KV Dipu

Pawan Chawla

Shrikant Iyer

Abhishek Bansal

Ashton D'Cruz

Jagdish Narayanan

Sivakumar Nandipati

S.V. Sunder Krishnan

Anjana Rao

Priya Deshmukh-Gilbile

Abhishek Gupta

Ajesh Kumar

Deepak Lingwal

Srinidhi Sharma Rao

Anup Seth

Milind Varekar

Lalit Rout

Babitha B P

Rajat Gandhi

Nirav Choksi

Gaurav Jalan

Ayan De

Vivek Madan

Balu Ramachandran

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